Dapepr Dan Doll

I  used to be that girl that would sneak into the garage and rummage through the random items laying around just to find that golden nugget: my dad’s playboy. I didn’t actually have to try very hard, they were usually in the garage and they were usually on top of whatever car was parked there or being fixed. Sometimes a box may have landed on top of one but they were usually pretty accessible. I remember thumbing through the pages and thinking “I wanna be that girl some day”. No really fully grasping what I was wishing for or what kind of taboo I was looking at. I just knew I loved that these women were so comfortable with their bodies, to allow someone to photograph them naked. Not giving a fuck what society told them they could or couldn’t do. What confidence they had!

I grew up appreciating the form. My artist brother is 7 years older than I and was drawing bodies by the time I was 15. It didn’t seem like a woman’s figure was something to be ashamed of. I never thought so until society crept in and tried to tell those teen girls to keep your bits under wraps. I never really subscribed to that.

I always had a fondness for the mid 20th century. My senior picture was as greaser chick as they come in 2001. I had the rolled pants and perfect resting bitch face. Nobody could tell me what to do! I developed a love for pinup girls in my early 20s and started dressing in cute pencil skirts and sweaters, figuring out how to roll my hair into bumper bangs and victory rolls. It was something that had been growing in me for a long time.

I decided to start my pinup journey and kept it pretty authentic. A lot of my early work has the mid-century cheesecake pinup feel, girl next door, cute smile, vintage wardrobe, classic sets. I Ioved shooting but there was always something missing. I felt like I was meant to do something more. I knew I wanted to cross the line into nudes.

Fast forward, here I am, making mostly nudes. Still haven’t landed my spot in Playboy but I have had a few cover images over the years and some great nude sets published. Every publication come a sense of accomplishment and a step closer to a goal. I want to continue to grow and share my work. I hope that I can work with some amazing photographer that I admire. In comes you, my fans. The men and women that appreciate the art. The ones that want to see what I am and what I can grow to be.

x <3 x <3